Here are the absolutely essential things you need to know about education in Singapore

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Get a copy of our free ebook K-12 Education in Singapore

Find out why the world’s only island city-state consistently ranks high among expatriates and which influential factors play a key role when choosing Singapore over other countries.

Here’s why you need a copy of this ebook:

Get a quick overview of what the educational system looks like, why it’s one of the world’s most successful schooling systems and what options you have for your child’s education.

Explore the main challenges expats face when choosing an international school and what you should keep in mind when making such an important decision for your child.

New to Singapore’s education system?

What else you’ll discover in this free ebook:

Learn what the government does to ensure top quality across all educational levels and how exactly state-run and international schools differ.

The 3 types of schools in Singapore

Find out how international schools encourage students to develop 21st-century competencies that will help them thrive in a global society.

What makes education future-proof

Discover some of the main differences between international schools and get a sense for what the higher-priced schools can cost per year.

What international schools can cost

Explore what makes mid-priced international schools increasingly appealing and what you need to be prepared for when searching for the right school.

The rise of mid-priced schools

At OWIS, we help children gain the confidence and skills they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive, globalised world.

Our mission is to help raise the next generation’s responsible and compassionate global citizens. We do this by providing students with a rich and well-rounded educational experience based on inclusivity, diversity and kindness.

From early childhood to secondary school, we offer students personalised learning experiences, world-class curricula and age-appropriate programmes (IB PYP, IGCSE and IB DP).

By embracing a holistic approach to education, children develop their curiosity and a lifelong love of learning, which allows them to flourish academically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

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